Retainer Service Agreement

Retainer Service Agreement

Congratulations! You have finally finished your orthodontic treatment and can finally sit back and enjoy your new smile. There is only one thing left to do and that is to keep your smile just the way it is. How are you going to do this? I am so glad that you asked that question. The best way of keeping that great smile is by wearing retainers. Yes, I said retainers. Retainers will need to be worn, as recommended by the orthodontist, for the rest of your life as teeth have a tendency to move around, even if you never wore braces.

Over the years there has been one big problem associated with retainers…LOSING THEM. This has always been a concern and can become a large expense should the retainers be lost or broken. If the retainers are lost and not replaced immediately, the teeth will begin to move, which means some sort of treatment will be needed to fix them. It is disappointing to see all of that work, not to mention the financial investment, go to waste.

Due to a great number of requests about insurance for retainers, we have now developed a RETAINER SERVICE AGREEMENT. This works like health or automobile insurance in that you must purchase the policy before the retainers are lost or broken, and you must renew it each year. We cannot give you the insurance after the fact and it is not a refundable premium. Wire retainers cost $ 320 each and Invisible retainers cost $ 201 each. Replacement fees with the policy are $ 75 each and $ 50 each, respectively. This is great savings.

To enroll, simply complete the bottom portion of this letter. Coverage begins on the date of retainer insertion and continues for one year. Please contact us one month prior to your expiration date to renew your policy. While our retainer protects your smile, the Retainer Service Agreement can protect your bank account. This is an added service that we are very happy to provide at the request of our patients.

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